We are in the business of redefining healthcare for patients, doctors and administrators.  SOTNAS can create value for health care groups by combining areas of health care and enhancing service delivery to patients.

more options.

               better care.

                              happy patients.

Health Care

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals will provide an analysis of your operational challenges as a whole and deliver the solutions you need to build governance, enhance clinical productivity, improve patient safety and increase financial performance. We will help you develop a comprehensive strategy that considers the health of your entire enterprise — one that maximizes the interrelationships of your people, processes and technologies.

Clients are looking for areas of investment and expansion.  We help them decide, create a plan and execute the vision...even provide exit strategies. Our experience in operations management in the health care field provides us an edge in understanding the future dynamics of health care groups. 

We can engineer the expansion of your health care management footprint.

Development & Investments

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